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Perfect Executions all comes down to perfect planning

Every event is born out of a great idea and the client’s vision. ULTRA EVENTS has years of experience assisting clients to create long lasting memories
from the original brief to draft show proposal to final show execution, all precisely aimed at realising the final product.

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Properly planned sound and lighting can transform an event. Use the wrong colors or brightness, and the message and goals of the meeting can be lost on an audience. Oftentimes, live events or product launches can last for days, all in the same space. Coordination of screens, sound and lighting improve retention of material and make a lasting impression on event attendees. We are specialized in production services and technical direction, being the best tool for any project. Each new project brings a new challenge. We look for it great enthusiasm, effort and dedication.

A live event is an extremely effective way of achieving impactful results, whether for sales conferences, customer meetings, awards shows, or product launches. Using sound and lighting equipment essentially brings the presentation alive so that the audience is able to connect with the brand and the message, which makes it easier to access psychologically, once they have left the event.

Organizing a successful live event can be challenging. With so many moving parts and pieces to manage, it’s common for some things to be overlooked or glossed over – namely, the audio visual component. The role of A/V in live events is often double-sided – when everything goes as planned, nobody can really tell. But when something goes wrong, everyone notices. You can hire us to manage the technical production on your behalf. The right form of sound and lighting can transform an event completely. With perfection in the audio and visual section, we can create an everlasting impression for all the people attending. They will leave with these memories imprinted in their minds, as a fun show.

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